Campus Farmers Network is a project of Bon Appétit Management Company, founded over ten years ago with the vision of supporting the next generation of leaders in sustainable food production by connecting young and aspiring student farmers around the country to one another. The project is managed by the Bon Appétit Fellows who serve as food and sustainability educators at campus communities across the country by inspiring engagement with the social and environmental impacts of the food system — learn more about the Fellowship Program here.

In 2009, we published a Student Garden Guide to provide guidance to students starting gardens on campuses. Since then, we have continued to support this trend and encourage students, staff, and corporate employees to learn more about our food system in one of the best ways possible: by growing food themselves. Creating the Campus Farmers Network is a piece of our larger mission to change the face of American agriculture, by connecting growers that inspire us around the country to one another. We are delighted to play that role in a network that we hope you’ll make your own.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding Campus Farmers Network, please contact Kristina Todini, Director of Food Education at [email protected].