The g-Row Gallaudet Community Garden was created in 2009, as a joint effort of students and the Bon Appetit Management Company team on campus.  The resourceful and creative work of chefs, students and staff eventually created what is now a bright and productive spot on Gallaudet’s campus. Students grow golden wax garden beans, cucumbers, summer squash, watermelon, and yellow, orange, and red beets.

College: Galludet University

Location: Washington, DC

Size: 1/4 acre (approximately 10,890 feet squared)

Sales and Distribution: The g-Row Gallaudet Community Garden sells its produce to Bon Appetit at Galludet University.

Management Structure: Student interns power the farm through the summer, while student volunteers lend hands whenever needed. The student farmers organize a weekly volunteer event on Friday afternoon in the garden to extend their reach to potential volunteers, and provide a stable time for farmers to help each week.

Unique Features: Up until 2009, the land under the now productive g-Row Gallaudet Community Garden was an abandoned volleyball court! Fledgling farmers recruited the school’s football team to build the raised garden beds, where gardeners now cultivate rich soil in the 20 foot longs beds. This reclaimed soil provides a unique position for the farm, as it is centrally located near the main dining hall. The produce doesn’t have to go far to go full-circle!

Learn more: Please contact [email protected]