The Students for Sustainability Community Garden is designed to be a place where the St. Edwards community can come together and learn to garden. The garden also provides an opportunity for classes to participate in the growing process and learn valuable skills. Students grow tomatoes, jalapeños, chili peppers, pumpkins, watermelons, garlic, zucchini, sage, and thyme.

College: St. Edwards University  

Location: Austin, TX

Size: Less than 1/8 acre

Sales and Distribution: Students sell their produce to Bon Appetit chefs at St. Edward’s University.

Management Structure: The campus garden is managed by a volunteer garden coordinator. The garden coordinator is part of the larger student group, Students for Sustainability, which includes students interested in anything from sustainability in the dorms to the dining hall.

Financial Model: The garden receives all of its funding from the Students for Sustainability club, which is chartered through the university. Sales of produce to campus dining services also provide supplemental funding.

Unique Features: The Students for Sustainability Community Garden is a small and secluded plot. The plot has provided a valuable learning experience to those involved, and remains a resource for students interested in learning about gardening, and those looking to earn service hours, volunteer hours required through the university. The garden is completely student run and managed, and is also available for use by classes looking for projects involving sustainable agriculture or community gardening.

Learn more: email [email protected]