Think of the Google Drive as a shared online library: you can upload documents you’ve created and peruse documents uploaded by other campus farmers or gardeners.

If you have a great hoop house design or annual report, other students will benefit from your expertise. If your campus farm or garden is just an idea in your head, this Google Drive is a treasure trove of valuable resources tested and approved by fellow students. It is organized into subject folders so you have an easier time finding what you’re looking for!

Our How-To guide contains all the information you need about accessing and uploading to the Google Drive.

Navigate to the Google Drive here, or click on the links below to access individual sections of the Drive.

Business Plans and Proposals

Every farmer needs a plan and good records. Share your business plans and proposals for land, department sponsorship, and administrative support here. Don’t forget to document your ideas and practices. Whether you run a commercial business or a community plot, share reports so that other farmers can learn from your hard work.

Physical Layout and Structural Design

What should your growing space look like? Do you want raised beds or in-ground rows, and how many? How do you build fences and hoop houses on a budget? Where will people hang out after a hard day’s work? Use this folder to share site designs (or check out others for inspiration!)

Preparing, Planting and Pest Control

Seeds, compost, and soil, oh my! Share your advice and plans for crop rotations, amending soil, and healthy compost recipes. Have a trusted seed company or effective strategy for managing pesky potato beetles? We welcome your home-grown wisdom here.

Budgets and Grant Proposals

How much does it cost to start an on-campus farm compared to a small garden plot? What basic equipment, tools, and materials will you need? How do you explain your farm goals to funders? These sample budgets and proposals will help you make sense of big questions about money.

Food Safety Plans

What should you consider when it comes to on-farm food safety? How do campus farms institute practices and guidelines to ensure safe harvesting and handling practices? These sample food safety plans and templates will help to dive in and help you develop or adapt your own program.

Marketing and Events

Looking for enthusiastic volunteers? Trying to increase campus awareness about your farm? This section has sample marketing pieces, event flyers, and ideas from other CF members.

Classroom Connections

Have you written a sociology paper on food communities, an environmental science report on organic herbicides, or a policy brief about food deserts? Share academic papers, projects, and more here to show that food is every student’s issue.


If it doesn’t fit into any of the above, you can find it here. If you have suggestions about new categories we should include on this page, please give us feedback through the Contact Us page.