Deciding what to Grow

Make the most of the garden by growing varieties of produce that can be easily utilized by the end user and are adapted to your climate’s growing conditions. A campus garden will typically not produce enough onions or potatoes to make a dent in an onsite café’s needs, so why not grow something new and exciting?

A few ideas include:

  • Special varieties of mint and basil for agua fresca
  • Lesser known vegetables like kohlrabi and chicory to expose associates to new flavor profiles
  • Italian herbs for sauces and stocks
  • Easy to grow crops for the beginning gardener


The Farmer’s Almanac—In print and online, the almanac contains planting dates for various vegetables based on geographic location.

Kitchen Garden Planner—Try out this free, user friendly garden planning program from the Gardener’s Supply Company.  Contains sample plans for raised bed gardens.

Organic Gardening MagazineCheck out the online site for helpful hints about growing specific plants.

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